App Store Optimization Master Strategies – 8 Top App Promotion Techniques

App Store Optimization abbreviated as ASO is critical for getting organic growth. In this post, we have compiled 8 top app store optimization tips that can help you get more downloads.

There are many ways in which you can promote your app – be it Android, iOS or of any other platform. Most of them are easy and practical.



  1. App store optimization – app store SEO that works


  2. Start a blog – SEO on App Store


  3. Social Media- a cornerstone to building an effective app store optimization strategy.


  4. Videos- A power boost to cutting your ASO costs


  5. Using YouTube and why it is important for ranking in app store


  6. Using Instagram Business Accounts to increase your app store visibility


  7. App Forums – A place for promotion and app store description tips


  8. Going beyond Android & iOS – Alternate Stores


  1. Promoting An Android or iOS app? Here’s an Optimization that would work.

    Most of the people today, have become users or consumers. They spend ample of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Snapchat. The list of the Android apps, iOS apps, and even the app store platforms keep on increasing. Like any other product in the market, the mobile application also follows the same pattern for growth in downloads.

    Producers and manufacturers spend considerable time and efforts building an app. And even more, time planning a valuable service. All of this needs time, efforts, and consistency and right measures of research. Merely, producing a product doesn’t generate revenues. Likewise, mere developing an application doesn’t assure the extraordinary number of downloads.

    There are minds channelized into productive paths that bring out the results. As an Android developer, building an application can consume a lot out of you, but to put it to great use, it is necessary to follow the steps post-development.There are many ways in which you can promote your android app. Most of them are easy and practical. Optimizing app store keywords is essential, finding out the best keywords for app store is the starting point to optimizing it.

    Now, if you are wondering how to pick a keyword for the app store, then, just dig deeper into your product and find out your app’s unique value proposition, and add modifiers.  When you start off, it is usually unwise to target top search keywords for app store. You are better off with long tails. Google Play App Store Optimization or, Play Store optimization follows the same rule.
    Boost Your App Store Ranking

  1. Start a blog – Dig Hard into App SEO

    Blogging is an imperative way of driving traffic. Write a good post that describes your app, and gets traffic. The potential users can obtain a lot of information from the blog about the mobile application you have recently built.

    Most importantly, blogging is an unparalleled platform for you to go back to, and revise if need be. Thus it gives you an upper hand in managing the reassuring assortments to your mobile app promotion.

    From blogging, you can drive traffic to your website. By adding the desired Call to action (CTA), you can make users land on your playstore listing or iOS listing, can help in increasing the downloads. But while you are blogging, think extensively about app store SEO keywords, because these form the backbone of your optimization process.

  1. Social Media – A shot in the arm to your app store ranking and how it helps you increase it

    How often have you scrolled down your Facebook page to see tons of advertisements endorsing thousands of new apps, with the CTA of ‘install now?’ Using social media to the advantage of business has mounted in numbers. A lot of app store analytics data seem to suggest that social media is a powerful traffic driver. And this makes it important for you to include this in your app store marketing campaign.

    Social media is so much more than about posting pictures and videos or updating the people on the web about your life. More so than ever, Social media has been working as a promotion portal for Workforce, Promotions, and offers of the company. Add events advertisement and generating business online to the list.

    For example LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, Instagram. Many times, after an app is developed, such social forums for app promotion come in to play. You can leverage other platforms to engage or reach out to your audience. Forrester reports that over 15% of worldwide downloads come from Social Media alone.

    Creating events, promotional offers and engaging your audience in your favor can boost your app promotion efforts in no time.

    App Store Optimization in Social Media

  1. Videos – And their ability to influence Apple App Store Search

    Before production process comes the research process. Market research gives extensive information on customer’s needs and wants. After the production process comes to the reassurance process. To justify the customers that their needs and wants have been met, it is important to brief them visually on whatever it is for your app to offer.

    Create videos that are engaging, funny and conversational. Even if you rank for something among top keyword searches app store, it would be pointless if you don’t make most out of your visibility.

    A video of 15-20 seconds should describe subtly, all the benefits and usage customers can bring out of your app. This just doesn’t just help you get more installs but also tremendously helps in ASO process.

    Videos to promote app

  1. YouTube- an indispensable tool to App ASO in 2017

    It will be millenniums before YouTube fades away completely. Till that day comes, why not use it to our benefits? A business looks authentic if it has a presence on almost every online portal. With the creation of apps, promotion on Facebook via ads, event, and videos. It is of high recommendation that YouTube should also be seen as another stone waiting to be unturned.

    Whenever, there is a new phone in the market, for that matters iPhone X, the YouTube channels are flooded with unboxing videos, specification videos, comparison with pros & cons videos and so much more to mention.

    Customers tend to review descriptively and objectively before making a purchase or a download. This is where your YouTube channel cut to the chase. Name your YouTube channel after the app to improve its visibility and relevance.

    There’s so much more to promoting the app through YouTube to increase Customer engagement. Once you have skimmed through the little pointers on uploading commercial video, Make sure to make the promotional video informative with appropriate tags, attractive description.

    A well thought-after thumbnail is as good as effective keywords. So take your time with deciding the thumbnail and go ahead with embossing your YouTube Video with relevant information.

  1. Instagram Business Accounts – Tapping into best ASO Business Solutions

    To quicken the review process, Instagram is a way to go. Although Facebook engages customer for a longer period of time, Instagram is known for instant reactions. Convert your Instagram as business account if you already have one, or create a separate business account on Instagram for your business.

    Hashtags work out well while promoting anything on Instagram. So before you start promoting, do a little groundwork on research prior to that. Use #game #androidapps #application and see the high influencers in the array. Then, approach them to use your app and review it accordingly. This would ultimately help you increase app store ranking. The catch here is, if such big influencers like your app and rather agree to engage with you in the first place, your engagement can go sky rocketing.

    In the wink of an eye, their followers can start engaging in your apps. But they do not do it for free. Therefore, it is important to set budget to promote your app on Instagram. There are even organic ways in increasing your followers for your app on Instagram. Keep users in mind and organize various contests and giveaways to popularize your profile among the targeted audience.

  1. App Forums – Get to know Apple App Store Rating System

    Many forums are present on the web. Every one of them is area-focused. Some help writers to publish their works among the group of writers. They seek for honest reviews and strive to improvise their work. The good thing about these forums is that you can direct your queries and doubts with people who are like you. So that they furnish you with honest feedback which you can then work on.
    Promote App Through App Forums

    While promoting your app on such forums, hastiness should be the last thing on your mind. First of all the steps is to look for android forums online and sign in on one or more of such forums to be a part of the community. Second, as a neutral, just and an interested user, start participating in ongoing discussions. Put across honest ideas and suggestions that you would yourself want for your application later.

    After certain days, after you have skimmed through the ways the forums work. Introduce your set audience with your own work- Your App. Seek them to download your application and review on it honestly.

    Some times when you are looking at a problem from one perspective, you miss out on the fact that there are different angles you can work out on. Therefore, it is necessary to see how people who are in same business as you, react on alike creations. Get in their mindsets and make the changes, if any. This way you promote the app and work on the loopholes if there are any.

  1. Consider Alternative Stores for mobile app store optimization marketing SEO & monetization

    According to a study by One Platform Foundation, is an app is uploaded on relatively less popular stores, then the expected downloads can increase by 200% than when an app is submitted to stores like App Store or Google play store. Break the cliché, and take more of what’s taken less to grow.

    Here are some alternative stores
    • GetJar
    • SlideMe
    Opera Mobile Store
    • AppsLib
    Amazon Appstore
    • AppBrain

    Your customers are eager to be filled in with the updates on the App. They feel disheartened and upset if their reviews are not monitored and taken seriously. They will enjoy your app if it is bug-free. And if they address about any bugs, it is your prior duty to assure them of the prompt solution of the matter otherwise no app store optimization strategy will help you.

    Besides app promotion online, also make sure you are always hands-on with the latest application, features that are coming in. Keep updating your blogs, your websites, and social media pages.

    In order to keep the followers and web customers growing. Use the seasonal promotional strategies. Involve your customers to become an active participant in any contest, quizzes, cash prizes give away that you run on special festivals or occasions like Christmas, New Year and other occasions like these.

    Key to success is never stopping the ASO process. If you don’t improve your product, someone else will and you would not want to lose customers to a rival after plenty of efforts.
    Be Digital and social to grow your apps.

    Also, you can consider a lot of ASO services. At our App Store Optimization Company, we offer comprehensive app store SEO service, if you are interested, then you can subscribe to our mailing list, and we would be happy to send you exclusive tips and techniques. You can also buy android reviews or buy iOS reviews, and get special offers and discounts.

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