Securely Delete Files Mac By Following 7 different ways

It has become an undeniable fact that there is a huge surge of people who have shifted to using Macbooks, and this has happened very recently. One of the main reasons for this is the ease with which operations are performed, and there is more than one way to perform a task given at hand […]

Secure Erase free Space Mac And Its Use In Newer Products Of Apple

Apple products that are released recently have a feature of Secure Erase free Space which enables the users to unlock their phones. The touch id can be used for many more things than just that. A touch is a proof that only one person can access the phone. This is not only in the terms […]

How to Securely Erase MAC Hard Drive?

Sometimes erasing data from your computer doesn’t necessarily mean that the data becomes irrecoverable. While deleting data from your MacBook, users think that the files are in securely erase mac hard drive or deleted permanently. Whereas the truth is that the deleted files are marked deleted.They are not displayed on the MacBook. Hence, it is […]

How You Can Prevent Your camera protection Mac

Do you remember allowing software to access your camera and microphone? The idea of your Mac computer spying you can be intimidating. If you are using camera protection Mac Some apps might not work if you don’t allow them to access your photos, camera, and speakerphone. And that is where the hackers and spies get […]

How to password protect apps Mac?

In the fast world, who has time for paper files? You are busy and always on your feet. Therefore, it makes sense to keep your important data always handy on your Mac or laptop. It is safe, right? More handy, quickly accessible and most importantly a lot of data can be stored in one single […]