Planning to Buy Android Installs? Here’s How You Can Make it Effective

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Android App installs don’t just increase over night; you have to gradually work on getting them where you want them. In the beginning, getting more installs on playstore might seem too easy and you will wonder if whether that is all you have to do in order to boost your app. Unfortunately, there is more to App Store Optimization than just to buy motivated installs. If you are planning to buy android installs, then you must always first work on app experience, because any app android promotion on a bad app will just worsen your problems. Normally, the cheapest android install site, will offer you google play downloads from $0.15, pretty expensive, instead, you can tap into the free traffic.

Having Patience will work for you when it comes to trying harder and persisting on getting the best android rating for your app this will help you get cheap android installs – the free organic app installs that you get on Google as a result of building a superior app and delivering great user experience. It not  difficult but you need to persist and keep at it till you get it right and drive more installs to your android app.

The below things might help you out on your journey to gain more installs on Android mobile applications.

1. When you have an android app that is based on a well-developed idea and provides the best quality experience, you don’t need to worry about the user feedback, “if you build it, they will come”. So build a great app, and market it in such a way that even you don’t think that anyone can criticize it. Test your app thoroughly before you introduce it to the Android Market. Trying to boost your app by installs directly, without a well built android mobile application is redundant. Now, these days, there is a concept of keyword installs for Android – but this is a gray hat ASO area that you must avoid. If you are into App marketing, know that you just can’t outsmart Google. When you buy keyword installs, it can put you on Google’s spam radar, and it can be risky, and there are many cases which illustrate that such job can do more bad than good.

2. Ask for the reviews: many of the users who like the app and found it useful when not prompted simply don’t leave a review on your android app. In cases like that, a quick prompt would work in your favour, some must have just forgotten or might not know how to do it, the prompt will at least alert the user that they can leave feedback in form of reviews and rate your app, and possibly refer it to their friends, getting you high retention android installs from loyal users.

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3. Even if you do receive negative reviews, you shouldn’t lose your cool be polite and see if whether there are anything that you can take from that review and improve your app – because ultimately, this is the key to how you can get more downloads for your app. If possible, develop a solution that would turn that negative app review into a positive one. When people notice how fast you came up with a fix for the query or helped out the confused user they will actually refer your app to more people, helping you get more downloads on playstore.

4. If there is a service of your app that users prefer and really appreciate, then work on making it better, the users will be happy – even when you are working on this particular service make sure you don’t ignore other ones that you could improve on. Capitalizing on weakness and strengthening positives will eventually result in more app downloads, installs and eventually loyalty through high app retention. 

5. Most of you satisfied users might sometimes forget about your app, in the array of numerous apps, so in such cases, a gentle push notification to your existing app users, will help you a lot. It will increase your app retention. To put it in perspective, if you typically buy high retention installs, it would cost you well over $0.25, but improving the experience will make the retention free for you.

Was that difficult? each and everything we have seen till now can be done if you tried hard enough, do not give up because something doesn’t work out, instead of that you should question what went wrong and work on that so you can have better results next time. Follow all these things without any delay or excuses and you will be able to see for yourself the difference it makes on your android ratings. And all this will help you increase app installs on Android or even iOS – For the fundamental principles of App Store and Play Store Rankings are the same – Better user experience.

By following these practices, not only will you get Android installs by more search visibility in playstore. So, before you find android install provider, or shop for android installs, you should first have a very good look at your mobile app. If you would like full app store optimization audit of your app, you can submit your app for free aso consultation. We will chalk out a plan that will help you boost your app rankings and ratings.  So, instead of cheap playstore downloads, go for high retention organic android downloads by working hard on your product.

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