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Developers buy android reviews to get better ranking on playstore.

As many have found this trick, in recent years, there has been a rising tendency to buy reviews on Android. Developers pay for positive reviews as it enables them to project the app better. Usually, it helps in funding the game or increase install rate.

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How the concept to buy android reviews and get better rank came to existence

For a very long period of time, developers used to buy reviews on Google Play to push the keyword rankings — this along with keyword installs, social signals would enable them to get very high android keyword rankings on PlayStore. In this structure, agencies would liaise with a pool of users who would get paid to write reviews on app, and since paid reviews on Google are against its policy, Google started cautioning the developers and finally started to come heavily on them.


Buy Android Reviews

Buying Google Play App Reviews – Factors that you should consider

The process to buy android reviews can be risky, and as a strict practice, you should never implement anything on SDK from your review provider. Let me explain how this works:

Say, if you were to integrate an app from an app integration channel and provide the URL to the google play store reviews service provider, and if the same users were to give your app 5-star ratings, then that would signal that you were involved in the activity, which can result in the penalty. You should always make sure that you never put up any SDK integration while buying the reviews – period.

Now there are many companies that allow you to Buy Reviews on App Store, and it is important that you familiarize yourself to their service model by asking them as many relevant questions as you can by asking them detailed questions on their google play app review process.

  1. Google Play App Review Time Line – This is extremely crucial. Some of the best-paid app review websites will offer you the ability to control the posting rate or will give you a reasonable explanation for any action they take without your instructions. Usually, these companies build social signals for App Store Optimization before they ask users to write and pay for reviews.


  1. Android Installs Matter – It is one of the most important factors that determine if your reviews will stay on your app or not. If you do anything unusual or if every user that incentivized to install app is paid to write reviews, then Google will find it unnatural and that will trigger its anti-spam algorithm. So, no matter how many times you buy google play reviews, you must ensure that a steady proportion of android app installs is maintained too.


  1. Reporting – Again this is very important. Since SDK integration will rule out the scope of having google play app reviews api, it is important that you talk about their mechanism to do custom reporting. In most of the cases, you can give content to them in advance, and then ask them to give you google play store reviews api or a comprehensive android reviews report for you to tally that. Again, it is quite important that you have access to the reports.

 Wait a minute before you get bullish on the first three factors, here are some others.

  1. Is Buying Reviews on Android Safe – No, this is a gray area. Let’s be honest here. Google does not allow developers to influence playstore ratings – So, it forbids developers from buying 5-star reviews on playstore. But, do you think that any app can rank for explicit content unless it buy positive reviews on app store? Well, this is unlikely. So, the answer to, can you buy reviews on Android is Yes; but, the answer to the question Is buying PlayStore reviews safe is not as simple as you think. You must always ensure that your provider offers you paid app reviews from real users with full device integrity.


  1. Do real users review app in paid review campaign – In case of most of the review providers – Yes. Who wouldn’t like getting paid to write reviews on the app. Most of the providers usually have a huge app user base that caters right from play store game reviews to utility app, and almost everything else that you can think of. Paid reviews for games, utility apps and many for many other services is quite a big market.


  1. What Android Geo Reviews – Is that even possible? – Well, paid reviews – be it in UK, USA, or even in countries like India, Vietnam is a big phenomenon; usually, these providers will have app users who get paid to review apps from all across the world. So, this makes it easy for developers to buy google play store reviews, and users to get paid for writing app reviews. Usually, most of the reliable providers will give you comprehensive report for the job. Always talk to your provider before you buy android reviews for your app.


  1. Timeline of approval – One big advantage that Android developers have over that of iOS developers is that Android app store review time is immediate. Therefore, if you buy apple store reviews, it will take 24-72 hours for apple to push reviews once the user posts them. Whereas, Google approves Android Reviews immediately.


Ensure that you keep these steps in mind before you get positive, 5-star, play store reviews.

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