Get Reviews on App to Rank Well – The Truth & Myth

Get Reviews on Mobile App

Many say that it is important to get reviews on app to help it rank better – be it either on Google PlayStore or Apple iOS store, to rank well. While this is disputed by many app experts, you cannot write off the importance of reviews to generate more downloads.

Today’s world has a lot going on without us knowing. Awareness is like a lost art, not many people know how the digital land of applications and software work. First of all, the number of ideas and technology have risen exceptionally. Second of all, the minds behind innovations have also increased remarkably.

Why is it important to Get Reviews on App now than ever Before?

With so much competition and rivalry in the market, it becomes impossible to leave your mark without strategizing. With millions of applications in the google play store and app store, where does a new developer think of ranking his app among the apps with millions users already?

Users do not like downloading new apps — unless there are good amount of feedbacks from genuine people who have used. And, if a developer has to wait for that to happen itself, months and years will pass with the idea being cast-off by some other developer with much better speed and marketing campaigns to perform better.

Therefore, as much it is important to develop an app, it is also crucial to use right marketing techniques to spread the app across million users. Nowadays, entrepreneurs do everything right in creating a service or a product but they lag behind so much when it comes to marketing. App store marketing doesn’t only mean promoting your business but it also means, endorsing it in the target audience with right methods that interest users.

Get Reviews on App

Some Quick Numbers on Android Application Review Trend

Thorough research of behavior patterns of internet users by various agencies, it has been proven that more than 70% users get hooked by a product or services with good feedbacks. That’s quite a huge number.

When we talk about applications and software, it is said that 85% of apple users and 70% of android users install an app only that has good reviews and great ratings, so this makes developers get into the practice of buying positive app reviews. Getting thousands of positive, 5-star app reviews cannot happen immediately after the app is launched. Sometimes competition even thrashes the review section with negative comments. A developer who markets the app organically will not receive many good reviews because no user will try it in the first place.

Planning to Buy Review on Android or iOS, here’s a fact check

There are few benefits of buying reviews from the service providers. When a developer buys reviews, he is assured that the reviews will be from real users from across the world. He is benefitted in so many ways that buying reviews to grow business instantly seems like a brilliant idea. Any developer who doesn’t buy reviews, installs or keywords might not end up landing tons of users on his app.

It is nearly impossible for the developers to rank an app without self-incised reviews. When an app shows positive reviews and has high ratings, the user falls into believing that app is widely popular and accepted. Thus, it helps increase downloads, higher rating, overall ranking shoots up, and performance increases extraordinarily.


Earn Reviews on App

Look-outs for Organic App Marketing – The App Store Optimization Way

  • There is no way to curbing negative reviews, developer cannot himself delete the negative reviews on his apps. It can take him days to bring such reviews down after Google’s comprehensive evaluation.
  • With the negative reviews flooding by the competition on developer’s apps, the rating further falls down to the point where users cannot even search an app on the store anymore.
  • Initially, it will be very difficult for a developer to increase traffic to his application because there are no campaigns running on the app to hook users in by paid means, this can break his confidence and ability to market his app better.
  • With paid reviews, foundation of a good brand image is made that brings in even more traffic resulting in higher ranking on the charts, and more often than not, #1 doesn’t seem too impossible rank to get on, as most app store optimization guides suggest, getting good reviews is fundamental to better rank placement.
  • Even when buying reviews, alone review do not help in ranking the app to top. There are other factors also which collectively affect the growth of the app. They are android/iOS installs and keyword installs. Reviews alone cannot make much difference let alone organic approach.


It can be concluded as to how it is fairly important to dice in some money to buy reviews, installs and keywords to rank up the app. Once the invested money is proven to reap benefits for a long time. Therefore, it is not denying the fact when saying that it is impossible to rank an app high without app reviews. While it is not entirely wise to get app reviews on app for the only purpose of boosting the app ranking, it does shoot up your app page visit to download ratio.

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