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How do you decide that you should install an android app? Is it because someone suggested it to you or you read up on the mobile app reviews on Google Playstore? You might be directed at the mobile app because your colleague or friend suggested you to install that mobile app, but most of us are in habit on checking the app reviews left by the mobile users, it makes us understand if we can deal with what went wrong with other users or simply the android app has no issues and it is safe to download the application on our android devices.Which is the reason why today every real app user is interested in getting better app ratings for their apps on google play. Therefore, they contact App Store Optimization Agencies which follow the Play Store Guidelines and enhance user experience enabling them to get positive reviews. Here are some ways in which you can get more 5-star app ratings for your android app.


Tips for Getting 5-star app reviews.


  1. Embrace the negative reviews on your app brand. What happens is that the app developer might turn a blind eye towards negative reviews of the app, these are the ones that potential users concentrate on most. So take time and reply to the negative reviews on your app and be quick in accepting the limitations of your apps and work on how you can make it better and the bug fixes or any fixes on time. This will not only get good ratings on your app, but also help you get more keyword installs on android – as this will spread out a positive word about your app. Once you are confident, you can buy app downloads for android app, and boost your app reputation through legit app promotion means. There are actually many sites that sell cheap android installs. You can also ask your friends to review android app and inform you of any bugs. It comes very handy to get your app reviewed this way.


  1. There are apps that might help you in asking the satisfied customers to leave behind a review, a good example of that is Appirater which works for both android apps and ios apps, or you can add this small snippet to your app so that it will prompt the users that have downloaded your app to leave behind a review – Do not get paid reviews, follow the guidelines. Remember, buying is a shortcut to getting cheap android reviews, but, it isn’t an effective way to promote your android app in the long run. The reason why we discourage this practice is because, in this arrangement, users get paid to review apps, and they are often not reliable and cause a lot of damage to your app. So, never buy app reviews for iOS.
  1. Asking Satisfied users to rate your android app can be tricky it’s necessary to get feedback from the users but you need to time it right, let the customer use it for a few days so that he/she can give you a proper feedback based on their use of this app. Sure, you can boost your android app by getting a lot of installs, but that stratergy doesn’t always work.  Had this been so easy, every mobile app marketing agency would have done the same. So, it is always best to get app reviews organically.  Many app review sites provide app store ratings, this is indeed great for app promotion, but it isn’t the best way to do android app marketing.


  1. Social media is the best platform to promote your apps, most of our populace is addicted to it, you can provide a means to make it possible for the users to share the app with the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many others. It is quite easy to get app store reviews by boosting your android app’s social presence. There are many app reviewers which will help you get reviews for your app. If you are wondering how to promote an app, this is the best way to do it. There are many app review exchange sites too, but they are best avoided.


  1. Respond to the mobile app reviews which on time, don’t keep the users waiting. Punctuality is universally accessed as a good thing, so be quick about replying to the negative app reviews and let the users know that you are doing your best to solve their issues and are working on it. This gives more return for investment then paid app reviews. Getting a good app review isn’t as difficult as you think it is. In fact all this will help you raise app reviews to a great level. This will help you increase app installs for both Android and iOS, and then you can also buy downloads for your app. This will eventually help in App Store Optimization and will help your app rank better.


These things will really help you with the goal of getting better apps ratings and also help you increase mobile app downloads, and when you do work on these it’s a sure thing that you will be able to see the difference it makes on the app ratings of your application. There are few other ways in which you can work on getting better ratings. For instance you can buy positive reviews on best android review sites; but for now, these will suffice. And as you go on you will learn the others on your own without any assistance from anyone. And besides, it is important to take off your reliance from fake app store reviews – be it Android or iPhone app reviews and ratings. This will enable your app to become one of the most distinguished 5-star apps on play store. You can apply the same principle for itunes app store reviews,


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