Caution Against Buying iOS app reviews

In this competitive world of 21st century, it has become a regular thing to face competition from an increasing number of rivals. This perfectly holds true in the case of the app makers on the play stores of Google and iPhone. As of today, there are over a million different apps on the play stores vying for the attention of the users, to the point of almost begging them to download. Hence, buying apple app reviews become very important to the app makers. They are seen either on the page of the app in the play store or elsewhere on the internet.

There are many advantages of the app reviews. They are as follows:

1. After the app is downloaded and installed by the users they post honest experiences and feedback about them to the developer. The developer learns about the various issues and shortcomings of the app instantly from the reviews.

2. The developer also gets valuable suggestions from the users so as to plan the next action regarding the app as to how to improve it really.

3. One big advantage is that the more reviews the app get, the more chances it has to be seen by more people. That is the number of reviews about the app determines the future status of the app as how much it will be advertised in the play store.

4. The developer get to engage directly with the users of the app in the review section, and also that the developer feels a sense of achievement, contentment, reward, and encouragement after reading especially the positive reviews.

5. Sometimes the developer takes the route of paid reviews, i.e., in other words, buy android reviews. In this, the developer invites a particular person, mostly an expert on apps, to write a detailed review about the app. This mostly is done to be published on any external website. No doubt that almost all such reviews are written positively about the app and that happens mostly because of the monetary benefits the reviewer gets from the developer.

6. The paid android reviews, are also sometimes possible on the app page on the play store. Here the reviews are mostly short ones, in one to three lines. But the numbers vary, the more of them, the better it is for the app. These can be written even by the general users, not necessarily by any expert. Here too, the review writers have some monetary benefits, although that is less as compared to the expert in the above point 5.

7. These app review help to increase the number of downloads of the app, again, the more the reviews, especially the positive ones, the more downloads will be of the app. In turn, getting more revenue to the developer and enhancing the reputation.

8. Not only to the Developer, these app reviews are also useful to the users. They get desired improvements to the app because of the reviews.

9. The review section is the best one for the users to express themselves about the app, whether it is positive or negative, or anything else.

10. The developer obviously tells only the good and positive things about the app on the app page. But it is the reviews section which gives the true picture about the app to the new and potential users.

But then, while there are many pros of buying the reviews, the biggest downside is that every playstore, be it PlayStore or iOS has a robust detection mechanism, and are sure to find any wrongdoing. While many people try to find hacks for manipulating playstore rankings, it is generally unadvisable to do so. Because by doing that, you expose your apps to penalty.

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