Planning to buy iOS installs in your cost per install app marketing stratergy? Read This First

Buying iOS installs has become a very common tactic to boost your app rankings on iOS. However, considering how google has evolved and fought back against the practice of fake app install purchase, it might be prudent to put off those plans on hold. Having said that, we do not discourage using authentic means or useful affiliate networks for iOS installs, but indulging in practices like keyword install of apps which are akin to what developers did on Playstore is likely to hurt your app rankings more than you can imagine.

First, let me explain why this is tricky. Most of the iOS app install providers would ask for iOS app install tracking – which you can always map to an app id, but not to the URL. Sure, during your iPhone app promotion, you can check the data in your iTunes connect within 48 hours, but then, you are forced to choose between reliable tracking and measuring if installs on your iOS app are keyword installs. You don’t face this dilemma on Playstore installs. If given a choice between the two, I will go for a method that lets me track app installs – always. I am a bigger fan of cpi app marketing, then buying iOS keyword installs off of the shelf. Sure, iOS app promotion services can give you a short term advantage, but unless you have an excellent product, it is likely to do more harm than good.

Second, a lot of iOS app promotion pay per install services can accept jailbroken devices, these generally translate into poor quality users, and do more harm than good. Therefore, while running any pay per install mobile app campaign, it is essential to determine if the devices are not jailbroken, (or rooted, in the Android analogy). You have no other way than to look at mobile app installs providers credibility in the market. Such boosts have often resulted in ranking crashes, causing irreparable damage to the app.

The market of mobile app install is quite competitive, and it is reasonable to expect a lot of players foraying into the field. Therefore, it is essential to stay on guard against malpractices. Usually, if you just advertise the app to the right audience, you can do away with the need to buy app installs on iOS. Now, there are also some providers that indulge in a shady practice. In this, they make users install ios app withou the app store, it can be very dangerous for your app. Buying legitimate cpi traffic is a great idea, but this segment of traffic is not. A lot of developers look for easy ways and buy ios app downloads

Purchase iOS Downloads

A general trend to look for app promotion shortcuts is worrisome

A lot of developers, who I talk to, look for easy ways and buy ios app downloads by country. But again, this doesn’t limit the damage such a promotion can cause to your app across other stores. So, if you really wonder how to get more app installs, a one line answer would be “build an awesome app.”. Period.

Now, if have been around for a long time, then probably you too would have purchased app store downloads, and verily, you can testify that it simply does not work. If it did, almost everyone would have used it as the starting point.

Let me site an example: A developer friend of mine once decided to buy ios app installs on the very day he launched the app in US. Sure, it seemed that he would top the charts by purchasing app downloads, and he did get a boost on his game, but it faced something called ASO soft penalty, whereby it’s rankings in a month vanished. While everything looked great with his pay per app install campaign; there was one inherent flaw: he didn’t realize that he wasn’t using CPI install method, and instead entered the black hat ASO are – something that iOS platform detests. To be fair, he did increase app installs, but ultimately, he faced suspension, and that essentially undid every good thing he had done to promote the app.

One great way to get app installs is to ask help from blogger community. For instance, if you are launching a really exciting simulation game, then you might want to give out beta copies to bloggers for an app review. A lot of people rush to get cheap iOS installs (or at-least think so), but usually, organic traffic is cheaper.

So, let me give you a roadmap that will help you get more app installs:

  1. Ask your connections to install your new ios app.
  2. Build amazing app experience, and never let app install tracking, or in-app analytics hinder user experience.
  3. If you like, you can buy iOS app installs, however, it is generally the best if you were to do it in moderation.

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