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Your iOS app would probably need the best when it comes to posting the reviews, and a few companies do come to mind when one talks to me to buy iOS reviews. Sure, there are a lot of choices that one can make, but there are a few that stand apart – both due to content delivery, and quality of posting.

Over the years, I have tried quite a few iOS comment sites, and I can safely deduce that there are some that really stand apart from others. Not that this is an exhaustive list of best reviews sites, but to my experience, it has worked well. Now, there is one important thing that you should really, really keep in mind:

Unlike, buy android reviews sites, iOS ones need you, the developer, to be more careful. This is primarily because there is a lot at stake, as Apple manually reviews every single app review on the app store.

Here’s the process of review approval on App Store.

  1. Once a user posts the review, it goes for the moderation.
  2. It is approved within 72 from the time it is posted.
  3. Any pattern is flagged, and Apple reviews are deleted if Apple’s spam detection algorithm detects any unusual activity.

Many companies that indulge in Grey Hat ASO, primarily rely on app store reviews to rank the apps. Sure, that is a good short-term solution to boost an app on iOS platform. However, if done wrong, it can really fire back. The idea is to avoid any black hat ASO activity, which can impede the app’s growth, and while there are many players in the field, some are really good.

  1. Applytics Review: An app review portal that comes first to the mind when one talks about buying app reviews, it is one of the very few portals that uses AI to intelligently post reviews – ensuring that Apple Store reviews are not deleted. A lot of app developers in my circle had similar experiences with Applytics – but sometimes, they aren’t just quick – perhaps as they have a limited team of developers. This company is run by a team of former Android and iOS developers, and provide a comprehensive review and ASO service. I don’t recommend this site for Android App Reviews though. Because this site does have quite a lot of deletion and doesn’t work perfectly for me. But sure, they are courteous enough to refund the money in case something is wrong.
  2. iAppReview: Another alternative, but this site is far better if you intend to buy android reviews. But I strictly do not recommend it to buy iOS reviews. The pricing is unaffordable – unless you’d like to order over 1k reviews. So, this isn’t the best site to buy Apple reviews for independent developers. The big bottleneck with iAppReviews is deletion on Apple. While for some reasons it works well for me on Android but it really doesn’t live up to my expectations on iOS app comments Whereas, every other site that sells Android reviews has deletion problem, iAppReview does not. But, still, it really isn’t the best. So, if you want to buy positive iOS reviews, you should desist from going there.
  3. iMarketify: Aka, this is a dashboard based system that allows Android and posting ratings for Apple reviews. It is again great but falls short of expectations for anything other than installs. It seems that automated systems don’t work anymore with reviews – and this is same.

There others too, but pricing and terms make it very difficult and unaffordable to deal with them. I like App2Top, it is another portal that really added value to its user base, but they never offered 5-star ios app reviews and discontinued positive Android Ratings last year. Too many of the developers, that was distressing.

Buying positive reviews on Apple iOS store, or any other portal is getting increasingly difficult, and it is essential to narrow down on sites that really don’t put your app in trouble. Sure, Google won’t hold you responsible for buying fake Android app comments – unless it establishes that you are complacent, it is generally better to read up on app review sites – and compare them, to get the best out of your review process.

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