Buy Android Installs – How these sites can help you cut down costs?

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Have you ever stumbled upon one of those websites that offer you free stuff or reward? Did you see plenty of lucrative offers awaiting you if you just:

a) fill out survey

b) Install an app

c) play a game

d) review an app?

We all have been there. We all have at least tried one of the aforementioned steps once. These are some of the ways or methods to deliver a service of driving up the installs of an app. In the digital world of thousands of apps and millions of users using them, developers find them in quite a puddle while thinking to elevate the installs bars. To put their worries to rest, they have been offered service to increase their installs by buying the android installs, just like we have heard of android reviews.

The developers are asked to purchase a package of android install, each package designed with exclusive features related to its price. Many of us have heard the perks of buying android reviews, despite Google’s stringent laws. Buying Android install does pretty much the same to focus on increased downloads and higher growth.

There are many websites offering such beneficial offers to upswing the scale of users. This article will cover some of these websites and how they help in boosting the app’s rank on google play store.

  1. Applytics:
  • Flexible Demand of Installs – This website focuses on making their clients look sharp in the market. With Applytics, comes flexibility to modify the number of installs, developers want, downloaded in a single day, with the ease of changing the number anytime according to what fits their needs.
  • Geographically scattered users – The real-time users installing apps are geographically scattered making this whole process unique and authentic. Each user has a different device, different ID’s, Unique IP’s.
  • Reports and analytics- Applytics provide the developers with the in-depth reporting on the e-mail id of the user, device details, google tokens. And all this at just one click.
  • 24*7 support- The website ensures that managers are available round the clock just and when developers need them. Campaign management, guidance or whatever it is. Management of applytics takes care of that.
  • Intuitive statistics- The service comes with a package deal. It furnishes the developers with the details of retention data, app engagement, Google Play store ranking, rating and daily organic reviews.
  • Brand recall- Applytics claims to have improved the brand recall of over 100 clients, numbers surging every day.


  1. iAppreviews-
  • Boosts app downloads- App tracker can be mundane when the number doesn’t move from zero. iAppreviews states firmly to boost the app downloads and effectively grow the engagement of users with the app.
  • Targeting- Along with scattered user lobby, if developers demand targeting users from a specific location to increase the downloads, iAppreviews takes care of that too.
  • Top ranking in chart- With the more android installs, the ranking also surges high.
  • 24/7 Support- Just like Applytics, iAppreviews has 24/7 management to help with any problem, support or query.

Buying android installs have benefits that are many folds. It is like an investment to attract users into installing the app. There are a variety of packages that these deals come in. To mention a few, package worth of $150 can generate as much as 1000 android-installs. $600 for some 4500 android-installs. 10,000 installs for just $1100, 2000 android-installs after investing $2000. And if you are willing to shed some $4500, you can receive 50,000 android-installs which are highly sufficient in ranking at top of the google play store.


Cost effective strategy

Incent app downloads is a strategy to drive organic growth. Users get rewarded on the basis of any interaction with the app which ultimately leads to better visibility due to a higher ranking.

What after buying android installs?

In order to maintain a high retention rate, developers have to make sure that their app is as bugless as possible. As many providers assure that users will use the app at least once after downloading it. Aforementioned apps ensure user’s permanent engagement even after the install and first interaction with the app. Applytics, iAppreviews ensures a great possibility of increasing retention on your apps through their high retention installs.

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