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Whether it is buying an instruction manual on eBay, a book on Amazon, or installing an app from the play store, it is believed that better and more the reviews, higher is the percentage of downloads and buying.

As an app developer, it is no picnic to wait for the installs for ever without self-generating some reviews. The developers resort to buying reviews and paying for them on the initial stages of an app launch. You yourself do not install an app with fewer reviews and low ratings, now do you? It is surveyed that 70% of the users install an application only after hovering over the reviews section for a little bit, they find it really hard to install an app or even go further with reading the description if the previous users have ill-rated the app or left no reviews at all. Constant nagging by app developers to review the app a few hours after you’ve actually downloaded is certainly annoying, but people who are paid to do so might not feel the same way as others do.


So, the question is, can you buy reviews? Well, yes- the reviews can be purchased, and it is legit. In more practical sense, than ethical, App review buying helps the developers to get better PR and app ranking on playstore. It does help with the ASO as well.

But everything that looks rosy, sure have thorns that need to be cut off. Google in the year 2016, announced of making stringent laws in order to keep the play store safe. And whoever developer was found buying reviews from websites or related service providers, would be penalized heavily to the extent of deletion of the app from the store let alone review deletion, but if that doesn’t mean that you should panic if your reviews are deleted, for there is a solution. Many rivals paid the reviewers not only to write positive reviews for their apps but also the bulk of negatives were asked to be scattered down as bad reviews on their competition’s app.  Many developers never comprehended the cause of extensive flush of bad 1 star reviews and had to wait for a long time until google brought them down. Nevertheless, despite the google evaluation and announcement of penalizing the ones doing so, many developers have found their in buying android reviews smartly. To rise out of all the confusion, let’s cut to the chase and answer a frowned-upon question of whether developers can still buy android reviews or not? To your surprise, the answer stands as a firm ‘yes’.

Applytics is a website that employs artificial intelligence solution that not only buys reviews but also enables google to remove negative ones from the app that are strategically written down by the competition to tarnish the brand image. Every good comes with a little bad, Google AI is unprecedented as a model of perfection but is improvising consistently in becoming one.

Buying reviews from applytics -is authentic with certain results. When developers pay for good reviews, he is ensured along with the good reviews posting, that the bad reviews would also be deleted by 20%, which is a pretty decent deal to offer by the service provider.

Google reviews by real users- Users get paid to write reviews but the real time users are asked to follow a drill after which they are effectively paid. They need to install the application and keep it intact for a specific period of time. During this time, users are required to use the app, after which they can write down the positive reviews on the play store. There are times when users don’t like the app, in such cases, they are asked to not review the app at all but are still paid.

Artificial Intelligence fighting Android Review Deletion- When google analyses, evaluates and considers deleting a review from the app, AI pretty much needs a breaking of the algorithm pattern to fight the deletion. This is what the review providers strive to achieve and provide to the developers.


Buying reviews that aren’t deleted need to be collaborating with the major review providers. In a business sense, the horizons are wide to be ventured on, and so our developers do. Self-incised reviews on an app give a kick start to the developers in growing their business. However, threatening a user of disrupting the service, to write a review is still practicing unethical means to covet more installs on the app.

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