Coffee Lake 8th Gen 8700k Released Today – All you need to know.

Coffee Lake 8th generation 8700k processor by Intel has just been launched. These six-core CPUs are potentially the first response to AMD’s Ryzen.

They are not just considered the most powerful CPUs by researchers but also an uncanny mix with 8th Gen Core Architectures. But is the replacement of 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors in less than 12 months a purposeful attempt or a decision made in haste?

Can these upgrades offer what their predecessors couldn’t?

Special Features of Coffee Lake 8th Gen 8700k

  • The top model Core i7 should start around $359 as against $257 for the smaller variant in Core i5.
  • Two K series and as many 65 W chips have 6 core.
  • Top Model Core i7 8700K runs at 4.7 GHz with 95W TDP.
  • These extraordinary chips like never before are considered to provide best gaming CPUs.
  • Also, it is for the first time when Core i3 are graced with quad-core peripherals and are laced with 4 threads in both of its versions.

Surprisingly, specifications show a much lower base clock speed for all of the models, especially Core i5 8400. Also, it seems eerie for Intel to retire Kaby Lake so early, only the success of Coffee Lake processors can prove this seemingly unusual decision a good one. With the never-ending demand for making ever smaller transistors, both Intel and AMD are giving their best. Consequently, AMD had come up with Ryzen processors and Intel with Coffee Lake processors, for now.

But, most importantly, we should look at the same basic architecture as was in Skylake and Kaby Lake processors. Also, Intel have used the same lithography as in Broadwell designs. Well then, if basics are unchanged, why bother for Coffee Lake processors in the first place? The increased thread count (AMD inspired) and 6 core is what allows us to think of its functionality beyond the best.

Availability of 8700k Intel Coffee Lake processor

One shouldn’t be amazed when he learns that Core i7 8700K is unavailable everywhere. Neither Amazon nor Newegg can help you grab this beastly processor. Good news is that Core i7 8700K is available at Newegg.

One of the most exciting processor for gamers, Core i5 8400 is available at Amazon for $187.

Specifications of Coffee Lake Processor

Coffee Lake has the same 14nm CPU design as Kaby Lake. In an attempt to sugar coat it, they now call it 14nm++. But, the most significant detail is the 6 core/ 12 thread processors being used for the first time on laptops and desktops. Core i5 comes with a straight core design as compared to the hyperthreading in Core i7.

Coffee Lake Processor Performance

With the power of 6 core/ 12 thread hyperthreading, Core i7 8700K is tipped to pip AMD Ryzen 5 1600X.


According to Hardware experts, the new range will have approximate pricing and will offer more cores in the same power budget, which is +4W.

While a lot of people are excited to get their hands onto this new processor, people in emerging markets would have to wait for a bit longer to get the processor.


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