Secure Erase free Space Mac And Its Use In Newer Products Of Apple

Apple products that are released recently have a feature of Secure Erase free Space which enables the users to unlock their phones. The touch id can be used for many more things than just that. A touch is a proof that only one person can access the phone. This is not only in the terms of unlocking the device but also in the terms of unlocking various apps. Of course, the apps which require you to login use the touch id.

For example. Amazon usually has a username and password using which people enter the app but they can do so with their touch id. Touch id allows the users to access many apps by just one touch. This ensures high-level security and safety. The passwords can be used by other people but not touch id.

Secure Erase free Space Mac

Setting up a touch id:


Setting a touch id is very simple all you have to do is open the settings in which you will find touch id and password option where you have to choose the option of add fingerprint and have to add your finger to the sensor several times till it recognizes your fingerprint.

Using touch id:


Touch id can be used to access many apps such as shopping, banking, lock applications on Mac etc. these apps have password otherwise which must be remembered and if you forget, you are locked out of the apps. How to Password Protect Applications on Any Mac, One easier way to keep all the passwords safe is by using an app which saves all your passwords and can only be accessed using tough id. This will help you to keep all the passwords.

How touch id can be used in terms of security?

Touch id has a lot of advantages one of which is security. When it comes to giving out your fingerprint and personal information, there is a constant concern of your information being used by a third party. This is however not true because the database collecting your information is meant for your security and not for hackers.

Your Mac’s Camera Can Be Hacked, In fact to the contrary, the hackers cannot use the Secure Erase free Space if even if they hack your phone somehow and hence your apps are safe but if they manage to hack your phone when it has a normal password then they can access the password and the apps. Those apps can be banking apps and hence your account details can get leaked.

Access to apps using touch id:


There are certain apps which can be used by everyone and then there are apps like banking app which is to use by one individual only. This is very important in terms of securing the transactions lock individual apps on Mac. The apps can only be accessed by one person.

The apps such as music apps or YouTube are something that you do not want the kids to use and hence these apps have a restriction on them which can be accessed only by one person.

Restricting apps:


The apps such as camera blocker Mac and camera/webcam and protect webcam mac and the audio recorder can be restricted. These apps are restricted to reduce the chances of hacking. When one restricts an app, every access needs touch id and hence a much secure device is created.

Secure Erase free Space/cleaning the data from MAC :


Before one is selling a mac, all the data from it or it can be done just to increase the speed of the MAC operating system. This is a very crucial step because any information left on the device can have serious drawbacks. There are following steps that can be used to remove the data-

  1. You should keep a backup of your data and secure deletion ios. Once it is deleted there is no way you can get it back.
  2. All the applications which are there at the time of factory settings should be signed out. For example. iTunes.
  3. Reformat the hard drive to bring it to the factory settings.
  4. The last step is to reinstall a clean MAC operating system. Now the device is much iPhone data cleaner and runs much faster.

How to securely wipe iPhone all personal data and Secure Erase free Space:


Go to the settings from home screen of iPhone.

Click on general.

At the very least there is an option of reset, tap on it.

Click on erase all content and setting.

Choose erase iPhone

Choose to erase iPhone again to confirm

The Apple id is to be entered to remove the lock apps on mac and also to change the settings of find my iPhone.


Advantages of using the touch id:


The touch id for apps Mac has enabled the users to have following advantages-Quick: the device becomes many folds quicker because of the ease. In just one touch the phone unlocks & lock individual apps on Mac and you can access many apps using touch. This takes very less time. Secure: the level of safety that is achieved with touch id is something which is unimaginable when it comes to normal passwords.



The touch id for apps Mac is an essential part of all the MAC and iPhone users. This new feature introduced by Apple has led to many debates as it has a lot of advantages but it can also have some disadvantages. One must be very careful and use it carefully. More than one fingerprint should not be entered as it can bring the level of security down.

The overall effect seen is that it makes the device very quick and easy to access which should be the case always.The idea behind is ease of access and security as the apps which are used by the users can only be accessed using the touch id. The touch id is also very important when it comes to making changes or Secure Erase free Space and hence nothing can be changed n the phone settings without your permission.

The apps can be protected from the hackers as they won’t have access to your touch id for apps Mac. The children can be allowed only to use educational apps and rest can be restricted using the touch id and touch id for apps Mac. It is a very useful feature if it is used carefully for our benefit.



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