Securely Delete Files Mac By Following 7 different ways

It has become an undeniable fact that there is a huge surge of people who have shifted to using Macbooks, and this has happened very recently. One of the main reasons for this is the ease with which operations are performed, and there is more than one way to perform a task given at hand and one of them being Securely delete files Mac.

Likewise, when it comes down to securely erasing data from mac. there are quite a few options as well. You would not just have to click the delete option or drag the same to the trash box. So here are a few of those tricks and methods I use to get rid of a few stuff I do not need any longer.

Securely delete files Mac

Hazel delete:


this is the application which can e used very efficiently and securely erase files Mac and manage files and folders. Hazel helps me keep your desktop clean and temporary data cleaner iPhone with no cluttering issues by shifting the files from your desktop to your Junk Folder which might have been there for some time.

If you want to make sure that your Junk folder does not get cluttered up, you can have Hazel shift the files that might have been there for a particular amount of time, to the trash can and thus you can securely wipe the data off the mac.

Voice Delete:


You can also use the Dragon Dictate voice command to start up the Delete key. It is one of over hundred voice commands in use on Secure delete mac these days. You can mainly use this kind of command while you are doing something else on your computer.

Mail Delete:

Like every other computer users, you can be struggling with managing emails. Therefore the actual reason that I suggest you stick with Apple’s Mail is the smart rules. You can also use a few of the different rules that help secure mac erase and secure erase free space Mac for older emails from specific senders.

 KM Delete:


this is one of the most used delete parameters and is being trigged by a Keyboard Maestro macro. The macro enables you to securely delete files iPhone a word just behind the cursor as you keep typing.  You can use the assigned string trigger “jk” if you want to trigger a macro that will delete the word which is directly behind the cursor.

How to Delete Everything Off of an iPhone for this we have an another faster way to delete a word while you are typing is to use the same kind of Key Sequence action in the option called secure erase free space Mac.


Alfred Delete:

You can use Alfred to mainly locate previous texts that you might have copied and to perform Google searches. Then again just like the advanced version of Alfred will allow you to locate files on your Mac, it will also allow you to Securely delete files Mac.

It is considered that the procedure requires too many steps, but searching and deleting feature can still be handy when you would like to keep your hands on the keyboard while you are doing your work.

 Securely delete files Mac

This is another tool that you can put to use on occasion is the mac data shredder and Securely delete files Mac. You can quite easily access it from the Services menu, then when you right-click on the file that you want to overwrite several times after being deleted.


 Click Delete:

Well, the last one has to be the best. So when it comes to deleting files manually in the Finder or particular items in the document, you might as well use the better touch tool. You barely have to drag items to the trash can or click the Delete button, specifically when your hand is on the trackpad.

With you BTT action, you can simply use a three-finger or a five-click on a file or the item in a particular document, and then it will be transported to the trash.

These are some of the alternate ways you might find convenient for the purpose of How to Securely Erase a Mac. There are many other alternatives of these of course and you can use them if you are more comfortable with the way they work.

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