Install MacDown on Mac OSX

About the App

Install the App

  1. Press Command+Space and type Terminal and press enter/return key.
  2. Copy and paste the following command in Terminal app:
    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
    and press enter/return key. Wait for the command to finish. If you are prompted to enter a password, please type your Mac user's login password and press ENTER. Mind you, as you type your password, it won't be visible on your Terminal (for security reasons), but rest assured it will work.
  3. Now, copy/paste and run this command to make brew command available inside the Terminal: echo 'eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"' >> ~/.zprofile
  4. Copy and paste the following command:
    brew install --cask macdown

Done! You can now use MacDown.

Features of MacDown

  1. Real-Time Preview:

    MacDown provides a split-screen interface where you can see the Markdown code on one side and a real-time preview of the formatted document on the other. This allows users to visualize how the Markdown text translates into the final output as they type.

  2. Syntax Highlighting:

    The editor includes syntax highlighting for Markdown elements, making it easier for users to distinguish different components of their Markdown document. This feature enhances readability and helps users identify errors or formatting issues quickly.

  3. Custom CSS Support:

    MacDown allows users to apply custom CSS styles to their Markdown preview. This feature is beneficial for those who want to customize the appearance of their documents or adhere to specific styling preferences when viewing or exporting Markdown files.

  4. Autosave and Versions:

    MacDown includes autosave functionality, ensuring that users don’t lose their work in case of unexpected interruptions. Additionally, macOS versioning support allows users to access and revert to previous versions of their Markdown documents, providing an added layer of document history and recovery.

  5. Export Options:

    The editor offers various export options, allowing users to convert their Markdown documents into different formats such as HTML, PDF, or styled HTML. This flexibility is useful when sharing documents with others or publishing content on different platforms that support varying file formats.

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